My Monopoly Collection.

Although compared to some, this is not a large collection, it is still going to be a major task to list as I have over 150 versions.  I tend not to collect modern versions, although if one comes my way at the right price, I'm usually tempted. Modern Monopoly first appeared in the US in 1934 in very small numbers, so sets of this vintage are rare and valuable, with asking prices in thousands of dollars. Needless to say, I have nothing of this vintage, or even early 1935 sets, which would also be way out of my price range. In the UK Monopoly first appeared in 1936 and standard 1936 sets are still quite common. I do have quite a lot of these. Initially I have listed 50 games, but will be gradually add to this total. I have also included some non-Monopoly games that are related to Monopoly or have some connection with it. This page is basically an index page, click on a black link to see a page of games sorted very roughly geographically. I do not have anything of any great value, but I do think that it is an interesting and varied collection, I hope you agree. Click on "My Monopoly Collection" to return to this page. My thanks go to Albert Veldhuis, whose  excellent website, has been invaluable in the recognition and dating of my collection, and to Harold Lee whose expert knowledge of early UK sets has help me differentiate between Waddington editions. All the photographs shown are of the actual games in my collection and are photographs that I have taken myself, unless where stated, which at this stage only refers to 2 pictures on page 10.

     Pre-war John Waddington Ltd. sets based on the London board.

1936 Pre-production short box set.

Early 1936 UK Long Box Monopoly set.  

Standard 1936 UK Long Box Monopoly set.   

Standard 1936 UK Short Box Monopoly set and additional money and note holders box. 

1936 UK Super Gold Set.

     Early American & Canadian Monopoly sets and related games.

1935 US Single Patent Short Box set.  

1936 US Duel Patent Short Box Set.

c1936 Canadian Short Box Set.  

1936 US Bulls and Bears Game.    

1936 US Easy Money Game.

1941 US 2nd. single patent short box set.

1941 US 2nd. single patent Junior short box set issued by the Red Cross.

     Waddington UK Wartime sets and related games.

Wartime UK Short Box Monopoly Set.   

Wartime UK Mini Box Set.    

1938 64 Milestones Game.

Wartime UK duel patent board & short box set.

     Geographically Eastern European Games.

c1939 Austrian Trust Game.   

c1960 Austrian DKT Game.     

1960s Hungarian Capitaly Game.    

1971 Russian Manager Monopoly-like game.

     Scandinavian & Northern European Games.

1937 Swedish Monopol Set. 

c1939 Belgian Monopoly Set

c1940 Danish Matador Game.  

1941 Dutch Junior and De Luxe Monopoly sets

c1958 Finnish Monopoli Set.    

c1982 Danish Matador Game.

     Games from the African Continent. 

Mid 1950s Egyptian Monopole Set.  

Late 1960s Rhodesian Tycoon Game.      

c1994 Emerates Monopoly.   

1970's South African Monopoly Set.

     Western European Games.

1948 French Small White Box Edition.

c1950 Spanish El Pale Game.

c1950 Portuguese Monopolio Game.   

c1960 Spanish El Pale Game.

c1960 Spanish El Pale Game, later version.

1961 Spanish Monopoly Game, Barcelona Edition.

1965 French Orange/Brown Box Edition.

     Games from Asia. 

c1990 Indonesian Monopoli Eksklusif Game.   

c1999 Indonesian Baliopoly Game.  

1993 Hong Kong Monopoly Set.   

Mid 1990s Thai Monopoly-like game.

Undated Burmese Monopoly-like game.

     British Special Editions.

1985 UK 50th. Anniversary Edition.    

1990 UK Leeds Charity Edition.

c1993 UK Braille Monopoly Set.     

1995 UK 60th. Anniversary Edition.

2006 Hasbro UK Electronic Banking Monopoly set.

     Themed Monopoly-like Games Worldwide.

1978 US Go To Texas Game.

1984 US Monotony Game.

1985 UK Anti-Monopoly Game.

1994 Dutch Homonopolis Game.    

2003 US Ghettopoly Game.

     Winning Moves Editions.

1997 UK World Cup 98 Edition.     

2000 French Alsace Edition.     

2005 UK Thomas Cook Edition.    

2007 UK Liverpool Football Club Edition.    

2008 UK Swansea Edition.

     Australian sets.

1936 Australian Long Box Set.

1936 Australian Short Box Set with errors.

1936 Australian Short Box Set with Stock Exchange add-on.

 Wartime Australian Short Box Set. 

c1960 Australian Long Box Set.

     Games from South America.

1940's(?) Metropoli game from Argentina.

1968 Estanciero Short box set from Argentina.

1970s Estanciero set from Argentina.

I am always on the lookout for sets to improve my collection, so if you know of a set, complete or incomplete, that is for sale and you think it may be of interest to me, leave a message on my blog or email me. I would also be happy to receive any general comments, corrections or questions about this collection.



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